Why have I been contacted?

We have contacted you to recover an outstanding debt, or we have been commissioned to locate you to enable our client to re-establish contact with you.

If you think we have contacted you in error please call us.

Our aim is to enable you to fulfil your agreement as swiftly as possible by repaying your outstanding debt, either immediately in full or by making an arrangement with us to repay your debt in manageable instalments.

It is in all of our interests to resolve this situation as soon as possible, so we offer a fast online payment service to enable you to do that.

We do appreciate, however, that full payment may not always be possible in which case we urge individuals who have received correspondence from us to call us immediately to resolve this situation by coming to an acceptable, manageable payment plan.

We are here to help you resolve your debt problems, but we cannot do so unless you contact us. Ignoring our correspondence may eventually lead to further action.

Talk to us and we will work with you to resolve this situation.


When and how can I contact you?

Please see our opening times in the get in touch page


I want to pay but can't afford to pay in full. What do I do?

Please telephone your Account Manager on the number quoted on our communication to you, or our general number 0151 545 1500. They will review your account details to agree a suitable repayment plan based on your circumstances and current financial commitments.


How do I know if my online payment has been successful?

Once your payment has been processed a confirmation message will appear on screen. You will also receive a confirmation email so please check your junk folder if you don't receive it.


I have asked a money advisor to deal with my debts so what do I do about your correspondence?

Please contact us to let us know then you should pass a copy of our correspondence to your advisor who can then contact us to discuss a repayment plan.


I don't owe this debt, what should I do?

If you believe you do not owe the outstanding balance, please contact us on the number quoted on our communication to you, or on our general number 0151 545 1500 to enable us to investigate.


What happens if I ignore your letters?

Ignoring our letters could lead to further action to recover the outstanding amount. It is important you make contact with us so we can work with you and help you find a solution to bring your account up to date. If you do not owe the money, you need to tell us as soon as possible.


The person named on the letter does not live at this address, what do I need to do?

Please telephone us on 0151 545 1500 or the number on our letter to let us know


How is Ardent Credit Services regulated?

We are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for the collection of debts due under consumer credit and consumer hire agreements, number 695106.  We are also a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA), which is the industry's trade body.

Treating customers fairly and with respect is our objective.


When I telephone your office, I am asked to give details such as my full name and address before you will discuss the account with me. Why do I have to give you this information?

Under Data Protection Act 2018, we have an obligation to protect personal data. We have to make sure we are speaking to the correct person before we can discuss an account.


Do you record telephone conversations?

Yes, all telephone conversations are recorded for quality and training purposes.


If I'm not happy with the service I have received from you, what can I do?

Ardent Credit Services Limited take all customer complaints seriously. Please follow the link to see our complaints handling procedures.

As a member of the Credit Services Association, customers are able to refer complaints about Ardent Credit Services Limited to them to consider if you are unhappy with how we have handled your complaint. For further information please visit their website https://www.csa-uk.com/page/helpfinances.

For consumer credit related complaints, these are covered by the Financial Ombudsman Services (FOS). If you are able to refer your complaint to FOS we will let you know and explain what you need to do. For further information about FOS please visit their website http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/